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Foodstuff companies branded with The Uniquely Finnish label fulfil strict quality requirements. Become more acquainted with companies with different product groups by choosing a product group from the list.

· Honey Products
· Flour, Grits and other Grain Products
· Fish and Fish Products
· Berries and Berry Products
· Vegetables and Vegetable Products
· Mushrooms and Mushroom Products
· Meat and Meat Products
· Breads and Bakery Products
· Dairy Products
· Cooking Oil
· House Wines, Home-Brewed Beer, etc.

The Uniquely Finnish foodstuffs are produced in small and/or medium-sized Finnish foodstuff companies.

The degree of domestic origin of the product is at least 80 per cent of the cost of the product (including work and ingredients). The most important ingredients such as meat, fish, milk, grain, vegetables and berries must be entirely domestic. In several companies most of the ingredients are produced on the farm itself or within the province/municipality.

The products are manufactured by highly skilled professionals and accepted by a panel of experts. The entrepreneurs constantly maintain their own and their employees' expertise to meet the needs of their customers in terms of the quality of the products and the processes.

The companies carefully follow the laws, proper business etiquette and procedures as well as moral/ethical principles (being just, honest and treating animals properly). The companies also follow the normative guidelines of the standard of sustainable development (attending to the environment, respecting the nature and conserving the landscape quality and features).

The Uniquely Finnish companies have a functional quality management system based on ISO9001:2000 standards or/and quality award criteria.When it comes to foodstuff companies their quality system must include a food safety management system approved by the authorities. The quality management system is assessed while granting the right to use the trade mark and at least every three years there after. The auditing is carried out against the Uniquely Finnish rules and ISO9001:2000 standards or quality award criteria and it is done by a qualified estimator.

For these reasons we can claim that the nationally-known The Uniquely Finnish label is a guarantee of quality for consumers and business.

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