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  House Wines, Home-Brewed Beer, etc.

A new completely Finnish wine culture respectful of the best rural traditions and natural beauty has evolved. The production of house wines was legalised in Finland in 1995. The only accepted ingredients in the house wine production are domestic berries or fruits. Over 50% of the ingredients of a product labelled as a house wine must be produced on the farm itself. The Uniquely Finnish companies product range includes apple and berry wines, ciders and liquers as well as home-brewed beer called “sahtivierre”, the production process of which does not include using yeast. The wine farms have their own wine stores, wine huts and reservation restaurants on the farms.

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Tyry’s Vineyard
Pekkojärventie 118
Tel. 015 686 108

Products and/or services:
Wine producer and sales. 90-seated restaurant, specials game meat. An introductory tour of Tyry’s Vineyard, a wine farm in Mäntyharju, provides an insight into local currant farming and berry-wine making, including a wine tasting. Wine made of the berries grown on the farm. Delicious lunch of wild boar. Wine shop and cafeteria open 1.5 -31.8 Monday-Friday 10-20 and Saturday-Sunday 10-18, at winter to groups by appointment. Farm wine products: wines, liqueurs and distillation products, moonshine mustard, wine jellies, vineyard presentation

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