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  Flour, Grits and other Grain Products

The Uniquely Finnish companies' grain products include steaks made from wheat and vegetables cooked and ready to be eaten, ripe curry wheat and wheat grain as well as wheat with red wine sauce among others. These products are nutritious, healthy and easy to use. One especially Finnish grain product is called “talkkuna”, which is a mixture of roasted and ground barley or oat that can be cooked or eaten as it is. The traditional Finnish “uunitalkkuna” is first steam cooked, then slowly roasted on the stone grate in the traditional Finnish baking oven and finally ground in a stone mill. Flours, grits, flakes and bran made of all different grains and different kinds of flour mixtures, also available as organic products and without added ingredients. Organic muesli and gluten-free products also belong to the product range.

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Organic direct sale farm
Höllintie 95
31750 KEHRO

Products and/or services:
Organic grain products: barley flour, barley pearl; cracked and whole, wheat flour; semi-coarse and whole grain, wheat flour; graham and dark, wheat flour, wheat bran; fine and coarse, wheat grits; cracked and whole, oats grits; also whole, oats flour and bran, rye flour; fine and semi-coarse, rye flour; dried in the drying-house, coarse and flakes.

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Tättälä Organic Farm
Lahoonsuontie 6
39100 Hämeenkyrö
Tel. 0400 687 309, 0400 324 985

Products and/or services:
Tättälä Farm is traditional organic family estate that is located on the national landscape of Hämeenkyrö. Depending of the group’s size and wishes occasions may be arranged in the cosy main building or in the spacious summer festival hall that has been built in the old stable’s loft. They speciality is “Kyrö’s better buffet table” that has been created by 7 local hostesses, respecting traditions and local foods. Coffee and catering services for groups on order. Meetings and celebrations. Organic grain products: flours, flakes and grits. Shop.

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Vavesaari Farm
Ohensalontie 1023

Products and/or services:
Herbal teas: The teas are produced from pure Finnish grown and wild herbs. Hostesse's First Love contains: Cinnamon scented Sweet Basil, Moldavian balm and domestic apple. Host's Evening Tea contains: leaves of Rose Bay Willow herb, raspberry, Common Balm, meadowsweet and flowers from Finnish nature. Hired Girl's Stimulation contains: Spearmint and peppermint. Farm Hands's Leisure Moment is Lemon flavoured herbal tea, contains Moldavian balm, anisysop and cornflower's blossoms. Hulda's Relief contains: nettle, peppermint, marjoram, hyssop, marigold. Fibre-rich Natural mueslis from pure Finnish ingredients grown by the local farmers. Blueberry Muesli and buckthorn Muesli.

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