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  Fish and Fish Products

The companies product selections include salmon and seatrout products from Teno (a famous Finnish salmon river) and Saaristomeri (the Southwestern Archipelago) such as oak roasted cold smoked salmon, honey cognac rawpickled salmon and cold smoked salmon smoked in a traditional fire-brick oven using alder wood among others. Lakewater fishes and fish products from clean waters: roach, smelt, bleak, perch and vendace - “muikkukukko” (Finnish stuffed bread with vendace), “ahvenkukko” (Finnish stuffed bread with perch), smoked vendace with rape-seed oil, vendace with tomato sauce, vendace with onion and lavaret with tomato sauce. Finnish smoked fish products and processed fried fish products. Cold smoked lavaret ja lavaret cutlets. Different types of roe selections.

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Kiviapajantie 3379
58690 Ala-Särkilahti
Tel. 015 478 627

Products and/or services:
Canned fish: smoked vendace with rape-seed oil, vendace with tomato sauce, vendace with onion, “muikkukukko” (Finnish stuffed bread with vendace), and lavaret with tomato sauce.

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Piipanoja Ky
Savustamontie 51
21650 NAUVO
Tel. +358407698547

Products and/or services:
Piipanoja is specialized in salmon and sea trout products, Finnish smoked fish products, cold smoked herring and herring cutlets and different types of roe selections.

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Puula-Särvin Ltd
Vahvamäentie 42
Tel. 015 652 558

Products and/or services:
Canned fish: roach, smelt, bleak, perch, vendace, vendace in rye crust, perch in rye crust

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