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  Berries and Berry Products

The Uniquely Finnish companies berry product range includes all kinds of different juices, full juices, jams and jellies. The berries are available fresh or frozen. Mulled wines, marmalades, lemonades and leavened oat-berry products are also part of the selection. The berries that are used to manufacture the products are 100% of Finnish origin and very often grown on the farm itself.

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Asunta Raija
Poukantie 75
Tel. 03 472 6848

Products and/or services:
Berry products: black currant, cranberry, lingonberry, blueberry, black currant and strawberry, red currant and strawberry full juices and sweetened juices. Black currant jelly. Extra strong mustard. Traditional Häme-province rye bread made using a traditional sour dough starter and baked on the stone grate without yeasts and additives.

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Jussila Berryfarm
Patalantie 158
34740 KORO
Tel. 03 475 9855

Products and/or services:
Blackcurrant jelly, blackcurrant-, redcurrant-, red and blackcurrant-, raspberry and redcurrant-, strawberry and redcurrant-, gooseberry-, lingonberry-, blueberry- and black chokeberry nectars. Jussila Berryfarm is specialized growing blackcurrant. Nectars are made from their own berries. They have been cold pressed, pasteurized and packed without any preservatives or additives. Nectars contain 100% berries.

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Pöyhösen Puutarha Ltd
Ruoholantie 4
Tel. 02 868 2082

Products and/or services:
Pumpkin- citron marmalade with sucker or fructose sweetened, carrot-cranberry marmalade sweetened with sucker or fructose, sunny root crop salad, dandelion- and spruce tip syrups, blackcurrant- and redcurrant jelly, tomato-chili sauce.

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Riekko Berryfarm
Uusikyläntie 204
Tel. 0400 344 144

Products and/or services:
Strawberry-, raspberry- and cloudberry jams, blackcurrant-, raspberry-, and cranberry jellies, strawberry-, blackcurrant-, redcurrant and cranberry juices, raspberry sauce, fresh strawberry and raspberry.

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Ruti Strawberry Farm
Kurrintie 351
Tel. 05 366 4636

Products and/or services:
Fresh berry service: strawberry and raspberry

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Sinkkonen Berryfarm
Sinkkolantie 3
Tel. 013 731 149

Products and/or services:
Products are made from berries that have been growing on the farm. Strawberry jam and marmalade candies (apple, rowanberry, strawberry, strawberry and raspberry, blackcurrant, many tastes marmalades) Jellies: apple and honey, rowanberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, red currant and raspberry, red currant. Mulled wine, birch sap and strawberry juice, strawberry juice, apple juice, apple marmalade, blackcurrant juice and strawberry and blackcurrant lemonade.

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Tyry’s Vineyard
Pekkojärventie 118
Tel. 015 686 108

Products and/or services:
Wine producer and sales. 90-seated restaurant, specials game meat. An introductory tour of Tyry’s Vineyard, a wine farm in Mäntyharju, provides an insight into local currant farming and berry-wine making, including a wine tasting. Wine made of the berries grown on the farm. Delicious lunch of wild boar. Wine shop and cafeteria open 1.5 -31.8 Monday-Friday 10-20 and Saturday-Sunday 10-18, at winter to groups by appointment. Farm wine products: wines, liqueurs and distillation products, moonshine mustard, wine jellies, vineyard presentation

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Vavesaari Farm
Ohensalontie 1023

Products and/or services:
Herbal teas: The teas are produced from pure Finnish grown and wild herbs. Hostesse's First Love contains: Cinnamon scented Sweet Basil, Moldavian balm and domestic apple. Host's Evening Tea contains: leaves of Rose Bay Willow herb, raspberry, Common Balm, meadowsweet and flowers from Finnish nature. Hired Girl's Stimulation contains: Spearmint and peppermint. Farm Hands's Leisure Moment is Lemon flavoured herbal tea, contains Moldavian balm, anisysop and cornflower's blossoms. Hulda's Relief contains: nettle, peppermint, marjoram, hyssop, marigold. Fibre-rich Natural mueslis from pure Finnish ingredients grown by the local farmers. Blueberry Muesli and buckthorn Muesli.

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